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Tom said:
Wednesday, 8 May 2013
Excellent website content explaining how to approach making a claim in the Small Claims Court.
Veronica said:
Monday, 22 Aug 2011
Helpful website thanks
Ian said:
Wednesday, 5 Jan 2011
A Very Well Laid out website, easy to understand and full of useful information
Jasem said:
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010
Your site is very useful for me.thanks a lot
Sylvia said:
Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010
I am due to contest a a parking offence and will be taking a Mckenzie Friend with me. I found your site most useful in my preparation.
Helen said:
Tuesday, 4 May 2010
Great articles, informative and thought provoking thanks
Mahdi said:
Thursday, 15 Apr 2010
Thanks for ur EFFORT
James said:
Monday, 15 Mar 2010
Currently sueing a builder thru small claims track and site is very informative, especially as I have never instigated an action previously
Bruce said:
Tuesday, 23 Feb 2010
I would greatly appretiate ur help
Michelle said:
Friday, 20 Nov 2009
What a fantastic website, wish I had found it sooner!!
Pat said:
Monday, 14 Sep 2009
I am a law lecturer specialising in Small Claims. Any details to assist my students, please. Do you have any other Case Studies similar to the three on your site? Thank you. Pat Wellock
Julie said:
Monday, 13 Jul 2009
Thank you for providing helpful guides that assist greatly in the daunting and for demystifying what appears to be a frightening experience
Agnes said:
Tuesday, 19 May 2009
This site has helped me so much, brilliant. thanks
Avtar singh said:
Thursday, 2 Apr 2009
Information on site was very usefull To me .thank you very much
Mark said:
Thursday, 12 Feb 2009
Grateful for sites like yours